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“DSHS is a differentiator for our business. The expertise and efficiency by which they work inspires confidence and allows us to leverage their capabilities and resources to the full benefit of our clients. Data Smart’s Team is easy to work with and equally committed to a seamless and excellent client experience from start to finish. Through their role as an unbiased advisor, they share solutions that are not self-serving, but instead focus on giving us reporting and data that allows us to further demonstrate value to our clients by minimizing their risk exposure.”

Kathryne Kelly
Employee Benefits Consultant
The JJAN Financial Group, Inc.

“We received a call from a super happy HR manager of one of the DSHS groups. She went to the pharmacy for a high-cost medication. She has not yet met her HDHP. When she got there, the pharmacist told her that she received a response from Magellan that she has never seen before: a EmpowerRx voucher was automatically applied. The Plan paid $0 and the member paid $0. Great news!”

Health Plan Consultant
For a medium-sized Northwestern employer plan

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