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Solution for groups of 50 or less employees

DataSmart HEALTH Solutions (DSHS) Fifty Program offers prepackaged solutions to self-insured health plans.

DataSmart HEALTH Solutions make up a complete and dynamic platform, which has been shown to produce lower costs, better clinical outcomes, and a superior patient experience.

Features and benefits

DSHS offers an alternative self-funding solution to small employers to take control of their own health plan. Groups participating in DSHS Fifty (a small groups program) enjoy lower costs, lasting renewals, and a better plan-enrollee experience.

Key Vendor Partners


Benebay is the third-party administrator for DSHS’ small employer programs. Benebay provides essential employee benefit processing functions to ensure efficiency in plan management, superior customer service, and excellent program outcomes.


Optioncare is the leading provider in home and alternative treatment sites for infusion services.


MagellanRx brings a complete suite of pharmacy benefit management services that are among the newest wave of healthcare trends. These include innovative cost containment programs, specialty drug management, and superior care coordination services.

National General Benefits Solutions

National General Benefits Solutions focuses on providing small and mid-sized employers with benefit options previously only available to large employers — helping employers lower costs while providing quality benefits to their employees.

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