What we do

Joining forces in relentless pursuit of better health.

We build healthier lives

DataSmart HEALTH Solutions starts by looking at historical data. We run these data through the DataSmart Solutions proprietary analytics engine. Our care management team reviews the results. With these results, decisions can be made about health, interventions, and suggested actions to build healthier lives in plan members. Over time additional data from claims, wellness, and treatment & care is then fed back into the analytics engine providing even better results.

We build healthier plans

DataSmart HEALTH Solutions (DSHS) has laid a solid foundation for healthy self-insured plans by identifying and recruiting best-in-class partners; CoreSource (TPA) and Magellan Rx (PBM) and their associated networks provide the underpinnings. Several other service providers with proven track records round out the stellar team. Benefit consultants and their clients know these pre-vetted partners represent the finest in the industry.

DSHS applies an ongoing, data-driven surveillance process to ensure steerage toward the highest-value facilities, providers, medications, and superior plan designs. Constant communication between DSHS and its benefit consultant partners keeps the consultant as the primary voice in delivering value-added recommendations to self-funded plan clients. Plans that respond to these recommendations distinguish themselves by strong financial performance (e.g. growing reserves, declining loss ratios and premium outlays, and superior performance relative to industry benchmarks).

DSHS pursues three core activities – (1) managing population health through constant risk-scoring and coordinated care, (2) optimizing plan design and usage through time-proven data monitoring processes, and (3) balancing platform partners, ensuring best-in-class product offerings, optimized utilization, and pleasant customer experience.