Relentless pursuit of better health.

We believe everyone deserves access to affordable quality care.

Our history

We began our journey as a predictive analytics company, producing reports and graphs for clients of our close broker-partners. We soon found it was easy for brokers to understand actionable reports but difficult to implement solutions themselves. Reports piled up in client inboxes. Costs and renewals continued to rise. We knew then we could help.

We knew that analytics were the way of the future. We simply needed to make the data easier to act upon. So, we came up with a great idea – assemble a platform to offer best-in-class self-funding solutions. Then, add a team of data-driven clinical and benefits specialists to follow through.

We reasoned: Let’s give brokers a data-driven, cost-controlled health plan they can put in place with a single handshake. We leave the selling to them. The brokers leave the cost containment to us.

So, we brought together the best analytics, plan administrators, pharmacy benefit manager, and legal resources we could find. Then we added a unique feature: analytics-driven clinical specialists to monitor, follow-up and coordinate the health of each employee. It just made sense to us to integrate all the solutions together by putting them on a single data-driven platform.

And as for our insurance broker-partners? Well, let’s just say they aren’t in the office any more reviewing the reports. They are out making a difference by promoting our analytics driven solutions. It’s just that easy for everyone.

Join the DSHS self-funded revolution because we believe in relentlessly pursuing better health.

Our executive team

Jon Prince

Jon Prince


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Our team

Melissa Gollehon

Melissa Gollehon

Senior Account Manager

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Alex Epping

Alex Epping

Assistant Account Manager

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Josh Parks

Josh Parks

Business Analyst

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Jason Foust

Jason Foust

Data Analyst & Client Support

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Kate Hurley

Kate Hurley

Director of Clinical Services

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Our partners

40+ years benefit admin experience

500+ clients

1.3 million members

11 million claims and 2 million calls handled per year

11 regional offices, 1000 employees

40+ years Pharmacy Experience

13.8 million medical pharmacy members

2 million commercial PBM members

National Pharmacy Network including all chains

Industry leading analytics and reporting.

36+ years of home infusion experience

96% patient satisfaction rate

1,800+ infusions nurses and pharmacists

170,000+ patients under care each year

Started in 1999

Plan drafting, subrogation, recovery, consulting, etc.

Identify 3.5x more cases than industry average

Recover 5x more money PEPY than industry average.

20+ years of data integration and analytics experience

SOC II Type 2 Certified data environment

HIPAA compliant certification

Proprietary algorithms using supplementary data

Integrated case oversight/workflow platform

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